Contractors Renting Property Wasting Money

Contractors Renting Property

Contractors Renting Property

If you are one of those contractors renting property then you may be tossing good money down the train.

You would be far better off buying your own property.

The number of people renting in the age range of 25 to 34 is now 35%. That’s up from 29% previously.

That’s a lot of money going to landlords, therefore, that doesn’t need to.

Contractors of 40 years of age and more who try to get a mortgage to buy a house may find themselves still paying for it in their retirement.

Getting a Mortgage

Many contractors believe that they cannot get a mortgage because:-

  • Building Societies and banks have told them that they need to be able to show three years worth of accounts
  • They will be offered a multiple of their Director’s salary rather than using their daily rate
  • Banks and building societies are asking contractors for large deposits
  • They will have to pay higher interest rates because their profession is more risky.

Nothing can be further from the truth.

Banks and Building Societies

It did use to be the truth and it still is in many banks and building societies.

However, there are now specialist contractor mortgage brokers operating getting a number lenders to loan to contractors.

Lenders were sceptical at first but saw that contractors were good customers. They made their payments and, largely, didn’t default on their mortgages.

Mortgage Offers to Contractors

So now contractors can get:-

  • A mortgage offer based on their daily rate annualised
  • Only their contract needed as proof instead of accounts
  • Mortgages with small deposits, often just 5% deposits
  • Interest rates often better than the market rates.

Contractor Mortgage Quotes

Moreover, they can get quotes in the same day as they apply and can usually move into their dream house in a month or under.

According to Shelter, those renting will pay, on average, £41,000 in rent over the next 5 years. That’s 41% of the value of a first time buyers home.

In London it is even worse. Those renting there will pay a whopping £89,000 in rent over the next 5 years. That’s 23% of the value of the average first home.

So, if they took out a mortgage it would only cost them £66,000 in mortgage repayments over the next 5 years. That’s with a 95% mortgage with a 5 year fixed rate.

So, renters will lose out to the tune of £23,000 over 5 years – and they won’t have anything to show for it at the end.

There is no minimum number of years you have to be a contractor before you get a mortgage.

Specialist Mortgage Brokers for Contractors

Specialist mortgage brokers can get first time contractors mortgage quotes on the very first day of their first ever contract.

If a contractor earns £400 a day their mortgage offer would be not too far off £500,000. That’s even if they have just started contracting.

Contractors renting property must be mad.

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    5% Contractor Mortgages Deposits Using Help to Buy

    5% Contractor Mortgages Deposit

    5% Contractor Mortgages Deposits

    5% Contractor Mortgages Deposits are now available to contractors using the Government’s Help to Buy mortgage scheme.

    Previously, first time buyers, including first time contractors, were priced out of the market as lenders wanted 25% deposits.

    They were spooked by the great banking crisis of 2007/8 and were unwilling to lend except to just the very safest borrowers.

    As first time buyers are the ones who keep the cogs of the housing market wheels running, it meant that house prices were stagnating.

    New Contractors Looking for Mortgages

    New Contractors Looking for low-interest Mortgages

    Help to Buy Mortgages for Contractors

    The Government’s Help to Buy scheme kick-started the property market.

    They guaranteed 20% of the loan when someone wanted to buy a house. That meant that the buyers, including contractors, only had to come up with 5% of the money.

    Therefore, that meant that a house had to fall by 25% in value before the high street bank or building society took a hit.

    It wasn’t the Government who loaned the money to the borrower. It was the lender that did that.

    All the Government did was to guarantee 20% of the loan.

    First Time Buyers / First Time Contractors Took Advantage

    Of course, the Government knew that if first time buyers, like first time contractors, came onto the market again it would send house prices higher . So it would never cost them a penny.

    This was indeed what happened.

    Therefore, borrowers were happy as it meant that, as they just had to stump up the 5% contractor mortgages deposit. They could afford this.

    Lenders were happy also. A house would have to fall in value by more than 25% before they took a hit.

    The Government were happy as there was now a feelgood factor in a rising housing market. This helped get them re-elected in 2015.

    5% Contractor Mortgage Deposits via Help to Buy scheme

    5% Contractor Mortgage Deposits from Help to Buy scheme

    Rising Housing Market for Contractor Mortgages

    The great thing about it for them was that it didn’t cost them anything. It was a very clever scheme.

    The rising housing market took the risk of losses away from them. It meant that those houses and flats, where they guaranteed the 20%, rose in value well away from the threshold where they would lose out if someone defaulted on their mortgage.

    That’s the beauty of the Help to Buy scheme. No one loses.

    Specialist Contractor Mortgage Brokers

    Contractors who want to take advantage of the Government’s Help to Buy scheme and the 5% contractor mortgages deposit should use a specialist contractor mortgages broker.

    If they don’t, they risk being asked to provide three years worth of accounts. They would, also, get their offers based on their Director’s salary if they are a personal service company contractors.

    By using a specialist contractor mortgages broker, all you have to provide is a copy of your contract as proof as earnings.

    You will also get a contractor mortgage offer based on your daily rate annualised. They assume you work 48 weeks of the year and the mortgage lender will loan you 4 times your annual salary. They might even give you 5 times it.

    Help to Buy Mortgages for contractors

    Help to Buy Mortgages for UK Contractors

    Contractor Mortgage Deposits

    Obviously, the more deposit that you can put up the better the interest rates you can get.

    However, those specialist contractor mortgage brokers can often get contractors mortgage interest rates at less than the market rate.

    To find out more about 5% contractor mortgages deposits using Help to Buy, or to apply, please click on Contractor Mortgage Application and fill in the form there.

    40% Deposit Interest Free Present to Londoners from Government

    40% Deposit Interest Free

    40% Deposit Interest Free

    Londoners are to receive a 40% Deposit Interest free from the Government. This is according to an announcement in the Autumn Statement for Chancellor George Osborne.

    That was a major rabbit that he pulled out of his hat, completely out of the blue.

    This is under the Help to Buy scheme.

    Help to Buy Scheme

    The Help to Buy scheme has worked very well outside London but not very well in London.

    The Government offered 20% deposits, interest free, to those wanting to get on the property ladder.

    However, this was not much use in London where property prices have soared out of all recognition.

    A nice flat in a decent area could cost you close to a million pounds.

    So, offering them a 20% deposit wasn’t going to do the trick.

    IT Contractor Mortgages

    Indeed, even IT Contractors, who are pretty well paid, would struggle to buy a first home in London.

    A contractor who earned £400 a day would be able to borrow close to half a million using specialist contractor mortgage brokers.

    However, he, or she would be left scratching around, even at that, for a home in a decent area.

    So, now contractors in London, who wish to purchase a new home, will qualify for this 40% deposit.

    5% Deposit for UK Contractors

    With this new initiative, or latest version fo the Help to Buy scheme, contractors would need to stump up jus a 5% deposit and the Government will stump up another 40%.

    This will leave lenders just needing to stump up a further 55%.

    Because the lenders are loaning just 55% it means that they are likely to loan money at lower rates than a lender asked to stump up 90% or 95%.

    40% Deposit Interest Free laons for London contractors

    40% Deposit Interest Free loans for London contractors

    Nationwide Mortgages Just for Contractors

    It’s expected that the Nationwide Building Society are going to want to have a piece of this action.

    One specialist contractor mortgage brokers have a current deal with them to get contractors mortgages at great rates.

    A high street building society, or bank, would ask contractor to produce three years worth of accounts to get a mortgage offer.

    They would base that mortgage offer on a multiple of their Director’s salary.

    That’s not much use.

    This specialist contractor  mortgage broker has a deal with the Nationwide specially for them that provides mortgage offers to contractors just on production of their contract.

    House Prices to rise for for UK Contractors

    House Prices for UK Contractors

    Mortgage Offer based on Daily Rate

    Furthermore, they will base that mortgage offer on their daily rate annualised.

    So, if their daily rate was £400 a day, the offer would be likely to be £400 x 5 x 48 (weeks) x 4.

    Therefore, it is expected that Nationwide will give a new deal to London contractors with a rate as low as 1.59% fixed for 2 years with a £999 arrangement fee.

    For more details on this , or to apply, all you need to do is click on Contractor Mortgage Application and fill in the form there.

    Contractor Mortgages | Which Contractor Mortgage?

    Which Contractor Mortgage

    Which Contractor Mortgage?

    People often ask us which contractor mortgage should a contractor choose?

    What most contractors do is to walk into a high street bank or building society and ask for a mortgage. This is a huge mistake. They will tell you two things:-

    1.  You need to produce three years worth of accounts

    2.  The contractor mortgage offer will be based on a multiple of your Directory’s salary.

    No matter which contractor mortgage you get it would be worse than if you would have got as a permanent employee.

    Shock to Contractors

    This will come as a shock to contractors – especially those that have been contracting for less than 3 years. Indeed, when I was told the above, a good few years ago, I just gave up for many years looking to own my own house.

    I would have been better staying as a permie as I would have got a better mortgage offer. I wished that I had bought a house or flat PRIOR to becoming an IT contractor.

    Of course, this was before the days of specialist contractor mortgages. Tony Harris started that market just over ten years ago.

    He went to lenders and asked them to fund specialist mortgages for IT Contractors. This took lenders aback and shocked at his temerity in asking for long-term mortgages for people, i.e. IT Contractors, who had insecure jobs. This could be a disaster for them, they thought.

    Which Contractor Mortgage for Tony

    However, this could potentially be a very lucrative market for them as there were a growing number, now measured in the hundreds of thousands, of IT Contractors in the UK.

    So, Tony managed to get one lender to dip their toe (the very edge of their big toe) in the water to test specialist contractor mortgages to see if it would work.

    And work it did!

    UK Contractor Mortgages articles

    UK Contractor Mortgages articles

    They found that IT contractors paid their monthly mortgage instalments at least as well as anyone else and didn’t default on their mortgages during hard times.

    So, they started lending more IT Contractors money for specialist contractor mortgages. Then Tony started to get other lenders to loan money to IT Contractors after this initial success.

    It meant that he was able to get better and better rates for IT contractors as the lenders fought each other to get into this new lucrative market. Remember this when you are considering which contractor mortgage you should get.

    Mortgages for All Contractor Now

    Within the last couple of years Tony was able to get these lenders to extend loans to all contractors and not just IT Contractors.

    The deal he has got with them is much better than the deal that contractors would get if they walked into a high street bank or building society.

    The main points of the deal are:-

    1.  Contractors would not need three years worth of accounts. All the proof they would need to offer contractors a mortgage would be the contractor’s contract.

    2.  The offer would be based on the contractor’s daily rate annualised. That is Daily Rate x 5 x 48 x 4.

    Contractor Mortgage Offers

    They can now get contractors mortgage offers on the same day that the contractor contacts them.

    Indeed they can get first time contractors a mortgage offer on the very first day of their very first contract. It means that they can get the keys to their dream house approximately four weeks after their first day on a contract.

    Indeed, in one case they got one first time contractor into his dream house just two weeks after starting his first ever contract.

    Tony has so much credibility with lenders now that he can often get contractors mortgages at better than market rates.

    Help to Buy Mortgages

    With the advent of Help to Buy mortgages, he can get contractors 95% mortgages.

    So, which contractor mortgage should you look for – one from a high street bank or building society – or one from a specialist contractor mortgage broker like Tony?

    I think that one’s a no brainer!

    To find our more about these specialist contractor mortgages click on Contractor Mortgage Application and fill in the form there.

    Top contractor mortgage deals for UK Contractors

    Best Contractor Mortgages

    Top Contractor Mortgage Deals

    Our mortgage partners have negotiated a number of top contractor mortgage deals.

    Is it a good time to go for a variable rate?

    Many house owners are expecting the interest rates from their variable mortgages to rise within the next year or so which will increase their repayments. So, contractors would be best to take a fixed rate mortgage if they want the top contractor mortgage deals.

    Our partners have got credibility in the specialist contractor mortgages market. This is because their contractors have made all their repayments and don’t tend to have to give back the keys.

    This is, also, because most of them take fixed rate mortgages and don’t have the worry of repayments rising when interest rates go up. Therefore, it’s as good a time as any for contractors to take fixed rate loans.

    Here’s a tip. Recently the difference between 2-year and 5-year fixed rate mortgages has narrowed. So, it would be a good idea for contractors to pay the little extra and fix for 5 years rather than just 2 years.

    Specialist Top Contractor Mortgage Deals

    Our partners have found a new lender in the specialist contractor mortgages market who have this top contractor mortgage deal:-

    – A 2 year fixed rate at 2.29% based on an 85% LTV
    – £999 arrangement fee that can be added to the mortgage
    – A 5 year fixed rate at 3.29% based on an 85% LTV
    – £1,999 arrangement fee that can be added to the mortgage
    Another great deal secure by our mortgage partners with yet another lender is for those who only have a 5% deposit and have been contracting for more than 3 years.
    They are offering:
    – A 3 years fixed rate at 4.99% based on a 95% LTV
    – No arrangement fee

    Specialist Contractor Mortgages

    Our contractor mortgages partner’s advisers will give you the best advice on which options are best for you for top contractor mortgage deals.

    So, to find out more, or to apply, fill in the mortgage form at the bottom of this page:-

    Specialist Contractor Mortgages

    First Time Buyers Mortgages Bonanza | Contractor Mortgages

    UK Contractor Mortgages articles

    First Time Buyers Mortgages

    We are seeing a real a boom in First Time Buyers Mortgages. 2015, already, looks like a great opportunity for Contractors to buy their own homes.

    Now, our mortgage partners, have announced a new low start mortgage that’s only available here for contractors.

    Property Market

    Boris Johnson has just announced two new deals which will help First Time Buyers Mortgages and allow Londoners to get on the housing ladder for the first time.

    Those who don’t live in London, therefore, don’t qualify for these offers. However, our partners are working on getting similar deals for contractors in other places in the UK.

    Indeed, they have great news of another new first time buyers mortgages deal that is available to all contractors in the UK. This comes from a first time buyers mortgages deal they have with a mortgage lender.

    Contractor First-Time Buyers Mortgages Deal

    Mainly due to the Government’s Help to Buy scheme, the number of first time buyers is up by 50% in just 2 years. the Halifax Building Society say this sector is at a 7 year high. It predicts that 2015 will be even better.

    In response to this our mortgage partners have found a contractor-friendly building society who are happy to provide low-deposit first time buyers mortgages.

    This great offer is only available to contractors through our mortgage partners. It gives contractors a 5% deposit mortgage with it being interest-only for the first 3 years. That’s a pretty good deal in this market. It goes back to being a repayment mortgage after that.

    Low Start Mortgage Deals

    The low start mortgage offers:

    –  A 3 year variable rate at 4.45% based on a 95% Loan to Value (LTV)
    –  Or a 3 year variable rate at 3.75% based on a 90% LTV
    –  Interest only for the first 3 years, reverting to repayments thereafter
    –  Based on our specially negotiated income measure of annualised contract rate, don’t need to prove your income with 3 years accounts
    – £500 arrangement fee that can be added to the mortgage
    Free valuation on your chosen property
    –  No penalty for overpayments, as long as you don’t repay the full mortgage amount within the first 3 years

    First Time Buyers Mortgages Partner

    Our mortgage partners don’t charge a fee for arranging your mortgage. Other specialist contractor mortgage brokers charge up to £695 as an arrangement fee. So, you get their advice free.

    To find out more, or to apply, fill in the mortgage form on this page:-

    Specialist Contractor Mortgages

    British Contractor Mortgage Rates start with a Bang in 2015

    British Contractor mortgage rates available

    British Contractor Mortgage rates

    You really do need to see British Contractor mortgage rates at the moment to believe them. They are sure to rise at some point after the election, so it is worth taking them now.

    2014 is being heralded as the strongest year for mortgage lending since 2008. This is according to the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML). However, 2015 looks set to follow in its footsteps. January has seen record low British Contractor mortgage rates.

    Contractor Mortgages Best Rates

    Since the New Year we have seen two-year fixed rates fall as low as 1.64% on a 60% LTV from Contractor champion Halifax which is an outstanding rate for Contractors with a substantial deposit.

    This product does carry an arrangement fee of £1,499 from the Lender. However, this can be added to the mortgage rather than paid up front.

    Best rates for Contractors with Lower Deposits

    If you have less savings to put down, however, you won’t be disappointed. This is because a relative newcomer to the Contractor Mortgage market, Metro Bank, have released a raft of very competitive fixed rate mortgages at higher loan to values. These include 2 year fixed rates at:

    – 1.99% on a 70% LTV
    – 2.04% on an 80% LTV
    – 2.29% on an 85% LTV

    All of these rates carry a £999 arrangement fee from the Lender. However, you can add this to your mortgage so you won’t need to find the cash up front. The minimum loan amount is just £20,000 up to a maximum of £1,500,000. So, it suits Contractors buying at every level of the housing ladder.

    5 year fixed rate mortgages at 2 year fixed rates!

    Furness building society have launched a five-year fixed rate mortgage at just 2.94% on an 80% LTV. This is closer to the UK Contractor mortgage rates we have been seeing for two-year fixed rate products in recent months, particularly at this LTV level. Again this product carries a £999 arrangement fee but this can be added to the mortgage.

    If you are considering fixing your mortgage for longer, to ride out any fluctuation in the market, then this Contractor-friendly Lender is offering a highly competitive rate. This should see you through the inevitable rise in the base rate over the next five years.

    These British Contractor mortgage rates are exclusive to our specialist contractor mortgages partners.

    British Contractor mortgage rates have never been better. To find out more from a mortgage Adviser today, or to apply, you should fill in the form on this page – Specialist Contractor Mortgages

    Best Contractor Mortgage Rates

    Best Contractor Mortgage Rates

    Best Contractor Mortgage Rates

    You usually get the best contractor mortgage rates from using specialist contractor mortgages brokers.

    High street banks and building societies usually look upon contractors as a risk. To their minds, contractors don’t have regular income like a permanent worke doesr.

    So, if you walk into one of those looking for the best contractor mortgage rates you are going to be disappointed. It is usually the case that contractors have to provide three years worth of accounts to them. Furthermore, they base the offer that they give the contractor on their Director’s salary. That doesn’t get you much.

    Specialist Contractor Mortgages Brokers

    Because they are considered a risk the mortgage rate they are offered is usually quite high. So, that’s why contractors should use specialist contractor mortgages brokers if they want to get the best contractor mortgage rates.

    They can even use Help To Buy to get contractors offers of up to 95% of the property value.

    One such specialist contractor mortgages broker is Tony Harris. He has been getting IT Contractors mortgages for over 10 years. Now he is able to get all sorts of contractors mortgages.

    Best Contractor Mortgage Offers

    He can get the best contractor mortgage rates because he has built up credibility over the years with lenders. Contractors have helped him get this credibility by contractors paying their mortgages regularly. They have not defaulted on their mortgages.

    So, that’s why Tony is able to get the best contractor mortgage rates for contractors. He can also get offers based on their daily rate. Multiply your daily rate by 5, then 48 and then 4 to get what your likely mortgage offer is likely to be.

    Often the offer is better than market rates. Thank your fellow contractors for giving Tony his credibility so that he can get you the best contractor mortgage rates.

    The other great thing is that he is able to get the best contractor mortgage offers just on production of your contract. You don’t have to produce three years worth of accounts.

    To find out more, or to apply, you should click on Specialist Contractor Mortgages

    Best Contractor Mortgages

    Best Contractor Mortgages Rates & Offers

    Astounding Mortgage Price War for Contractor Mortgages

    Mortgage Price War

    Mortgage Price War Starting

    An astonishing one-off mortgage Price War has started for specialist contractor mortgages.

    This is because several lenders have not met their government targets for lending to customers. They have discovered this after the recent mortgage market review.

    We are now into the 4th quarter of the year and there are major penalties for the lenders if they do not meet their targets. So, this has led to a mortgage price war.

    They are playing catch-up here and are desperately trying to loan more money to meet their targets.

    First Time Buyers

    First time buyers will be one of the groups that will benefit greatly from the mistakes of the major lenders in not selling enough mortgages.

    Therefore, specialist contractor mortgages brokers have been quick to get in on the act in this one-off mortgage price war.

    Tony Harris has been dealing in specialist contractor mortgages for years. He has stepped into the market turmoil to grab some great contractor mortgages deals.

    Some lenders need desperately to get more mortgages out before they report to the City watchdogs.

    Great Deal from Halifax

    So, Tony has managed to get a great deal from the Halifax especially for contractors. It is a one-off flash sale and a limited edition mortgage offer.

    They are making this offer to all contractors even if they are half way through their contracts as they are so desperate to unload them to meet Government targets before they report.

    They are, therefore, offering mortgages with a minimal deposit.

    This mortgage price war is a once in a lifetime opportunity for contractors due to the fact that the lenders have screwed up and are now desperate.

    Contractor Mortgages Details

    The details of this exciting product launch are –

    2 year fixed at 2.99%
    – Up to 90% loan to value (LTV)
    – available to first time buyers only
    – Maximum loan size is £750,000
    – No arrangement fee

    Double the Deposit

    Even a week ago contractors would have needed double the deposit to secure this low-interest rate.

    This mortgage price war is great news for Limited Company contractors who have kept company drawings to a minimum for tax purposes.

    The rates are not just available for first timers.

    These rates are part of a range of packages available only for contractors through Tony. There is no charge for advice or for getting you the loan.

    Lender Desperation

    This mortgage price war is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get those rates due to the desperation of some lenders to sell mortgages at any price at all. However, it is first come first served till the lenders have met their targets.

    To find out more or to apply you should click on Specialist Contractor Mortgages  and fill in the form there. Tony or one of his team will be in touch quickly with a mortgage offer.

    Help to Buy scheme – Can I use it? | Contractor Mortgages

    Help to Buy Scheme

    Help to Buy Scheme

    Would I be entitled to use the Help to Buy scheme?

    The government has been under increasing pressure recently to review the Help to Buy scheme as it has been brandished as the catalyst for the so-called ‘housing bubble’. It would be quite damaging if the Chancellor was to turn his back on the Help to buy scheme now. This is because so many first time buyers have now got a foot up on to the housing market across the UK.

    Official figures from the Department of Communities and Local Government have announced that approximately 74 borrowers are purchasing a house through Help to Buy on a daily basis.

    Help to Buy Mortgages for contractors

    Help to Buy Mortgages for UK Contractors

    Specialist Contractor Mortgages

    The Help to Buy scheme has enabled many prospective buyers who have been stuck on the sidelines of the property market. This is because they are unable to put together the necessary deposit. The average deposit put down by a borrower on the Help to Buy scheme was £13,031 in April. This compares to the average deposit of £61,325 from a buyer not using the scheme.

    As a Contractor you too can benefit from this excellent scheme. There are certain criteria to meet in order to qualify. Equity loans are available to both first time buyers and home movers on new build homes in England. This is for a purchase price up to £600,000.

    Who Is Eligible?

    However, you would not be eligible if you already own a property. Also, you cannot sub-let the property. You require a 5% deposit. The Government will give you a loan up to 20% of the price. You will need to obtain a mortgage to cover the remaining 75%.

    Please click on Specialist Contractor Mortgages. Then fill in the contact form for further details of the Help to Buy scheme rates. They’ll give you the current Halifax free valuation offer.