Contractor Buy To Let Action Needed Now

Contractor Buy to Let investment

Contractor Buy To Let

The Chancellor hit Contractor Buy to Let properties in the Autumn Statement.

Contractors got off lightly in the Autumn Statement.

Chancellor Osborne didn’t carry out most of the threats he made, beforehand, or he at least watered them down.

However, contractors who have invested their money in property have not fared so well. The Chancellor is going to hit them next year.

Buy To Let Purchases

Buy to Let purchases went up by 36.4% in September compared to August.

That’s despite the withdrawal of interest mortgage relief by the Chancellor.

Costs will go up a lot from April next year which is when the levy gets rolled out.

Contractor Buy To Let

Contractor Buy To Let

Let to Buy Stamp Duty Rises

The cost of stamp duty for a Buy To Let of £250,000 will go up from £2,500 to £10,000.

That’s four times what it was before and a hefty increase.

So, how much of a problem is this for Buy To Let contractors?

Freelancers have traditionally invested in the stock market and property to try to use their contractor earned money to try to make more money.

This is unlikely to change.

Mortgage Interest Relief

However, smart contractors will be making their Buy To Let purchases ahead of next April when the change comes in.

This will save them thousands of pounds in stamp duty.

As regards Mortgage Interest Relief, here is how does the change will impact on contractors.

At the moment, contractors only pay tax on their rental income after deducting their monthly interest payments and some allowable expenses.

Tax will then paid on the profit at the contractor’s highest marginal rate of income tax.

So, it looks like UK contractors, who are heavy investors in property, will be stampeding to buy new properties, using Buy to Let before next April.

The sooner they start the better as everyone know how long it can be from staring a property search to actually completing a deal.

There won’t be a better time for Contractor Buy to Let opportunities.

Contractors Buying Property

Contractors Buying Property for investment

Specialist Contractor Mortgage Brokers

Contractors are much better using specialist contractor mortgage brokers when buying a property. They can get contractors better rates.

They can get them offers using their daily rate annualised rather than their Director’s salary which a hight street bank or building society would do.

Offers are all on production of your contract instead of the three years worth of accounts that the banks and building societies would ask for.

To find out more info from the specialist contractor mortgage  broker, or to apply, just click on Contractor Mortgage Application and fill in the form there.

Contractor Buy To Let Mortgage Market Booming

Contractor Buy To Let Mortgage

Contractor Buy To Let Mortgage Market

The contractor buy to let mortgage market is in a bit of a boom at the moment.

According to figures out today the buy to let contractor mortgage market is going through the roof.

The Bank of England, and its boss Mark Carney, say that the Buy-To-Let mortgage market is growing at an appreciably faster rate than the ordinary market. It looks like Landlords see the property letting market as a great investment. They are piling in.

The same goes for the contractor buy-to-let mortgage market. Contractors are piling in too.

Contractors Investing in Buy to Let Property Market

They are looking for ways to make their money work for them. One of those ways, it appears, is to buy into the property market.

At these low-interest rates, they are able to get most of the money that they pay in mortgage payments back in rent. Sometimes they can even make a profit.

In later years, as rents rise, they can pull bigger and bigger profits from it.

However, the big gains from the contractor buy to let mortgage market are in capital gains.

Contractors Who Invest Wisely in Property

Those contractors who do well financially are those who make investments like these.

The contractors are earning money and their investments are making money too.

Many contractors with a few years experience are able to make more money from their investments than they make themselves.

Indeed, after a few good years, some contractors are able to get out and live on their investment income. They can then do what they like with their time.

Time for Contractors to Start Investing in Property

Normally we are talking about contractors who have been investing for 10 years or more successfully.

However, there is no time like the present to take that first step.

Tony Harris started the contractor mortgage market and has been getting British contractors 95% specialist contractor mortgages for years now.

He is able to get contractors mortgages based on their daily rate annualised and using their contract as proof rather than having to produce three years worth of accounts like you would if applying through a high street bank or building society.

Contractor Mortgages Based on Contract Rate

Indeed if you go through those you will get an offer based on just your Director’s salary, which makes it not worthwhile.

However, with Tony all you have to do is produce your contract.

He can get a new contractor a quote on the very first day of their very first contract.

Indeed, he has had contractors in their dream homes as quickly as two weeks after they started contracting.

He can also get them a contractor buy to let mortgage in pretty quick shape too.

Contractor Buy To Let Mortgage

To find out more about the contractor buy to let mortgage market click on Contractor Buy-To-Let Mortgages

To find out more, or to apply for a contractor buy-to-let mortgage, or indeed for any specialist contractor mortgage, just click on Contractor Mortgage Application and fill in the form there.