UK Contractor Mortgages

Getting UK Contractor Mortgages

Getting specialist UK Contractor Mortgages is easier than you think. So, we’ve put together a series of articles which answer your questions on them and how to get one.

Why use a specialist broker

UK Contractors can not only beat the market rates in terms of interest rates but they can now borrow 95% of the money if they use the Government’s Help to Buy scheme.

How long do you have to be a Contractor to get one?

I think the answer to this one will surprise you.

How much can you get?

We show how much lenders will offer you and how it is all calculated. You will be pleasantly surprised and you may very well be able to afford that dream house of yours.

How quickly can you get UK Contractor Mortgages?

Most people think that this will be a long drawn out process (and it can be if you walk into a high street bank). However, using a specialist contractor mortgage broker who can cut through all the red tape, and who can speak directly to the decisions makers at lenders, rather than someone at the counter of a local bank or building society, the offer will be very quick indeed.

So, you can move into your dream home in a matter of weeks after contracting the specialist mortgage broker. Read exactly how long it takes.

Umbrella Company Contractors

UK Contractor Mortgages for Umbrella Company Contractors

The application, the proof and the documents needed is slightly different for an Umbrella Company contractor than a Limited Company. However, it’s certainly no harder. See what you need to provide.

95% Specialist Contractor Mortgages now available for all Contractors

A specialist contractor mortgage supplier can beat the market rate as far as the interest rate is concerned and obviously the more of a deposit you chip in the better the interest rate.

However, contractors can use both a specialist UK contractor mortgage broker and the Government’s new Help to Buy scheme which will enable them to get 95% mortgages. See the article for more details.

Apply for more information about specialist UK contractor mortgages at Specialist Contractor Mortgages

UK Contractor Mortgages articles

UK Contractor Mortgages articles