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Tony Harris, a specialist mortgage broker for contractors, has been getting contractors mortgages at good rates for years.

Contractor Mortgages broker

Contractor Mortgages broker

Normally, if they walk into a high street bank, contractors are told that they need to produce three years worth of accounts. So, that means that new contractors can’t get a mortgage for more than four years, which is ridiculous.

Also, even when they have those accounts, they are given a quote at a multiple of their Director’s salary. As everyone knows contractors keep that as low as possible so that they can take their money out in dividends. They would have been better off asking for a quote as a permie.

Daily Rate

Tony Harris can get them a quote based on a multiple of their daily rate annualised. So, if they got £400 a day that would be £2,000 a week and £96,000 a year. If he managed to get them a quote at 4 times salary that would be a quote of £384,000.

So, all they need to produce is a contract. Indeed, he can get a first time contractor a quote on their very first day on their very first contract.

They can be in their dream house in 4-6 weeks of starting their first contract. He even managed to get one first time contractor into his dream house in just 2 weeks.

Now, with Help to Buy, he can get them 95% mortgages as opposed to the 80% that banks were offering earlier. Our Most popular articles above will help show you how.

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