Contract Nurses Can Now Get Great Mortgage Offers

Contract Nurses

Contract Nurses can now take advantage of specialist mortgages from specialist contractor mortgage brokers.

These brokers can get them the best mortgages offers at the best market rates.

These specialist mortgage brokers came into the market around 10 years ago.

They were mainly, first of all, for IT Contractors. Previously mortgage lenders had considered contractors too risky to lend to.

Monthly Mortgage Payments

Therefore, they had to produce three years worth of accounts and only got mortgage offers based on their director’s salary, which contractors usually kept low to take their money in dividends.

Furthermore, the new contractor mortgage brokers were able to get contractors mortgage offers based on their daily rate annualised – without having to produce accounts. All they had to show was their contract.

These IT contractors made their monthly mortgage payments and had a low level of default.

So, a few years ago, these mortgage lenders decided that they would offer specialist contractor mortgages to all contractors including nurses.

Now, specialist lenders have expanded the market and nurses are able to take advantage of that.

So, contract nurses can now get mortgages as easily as any other contractors.

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